An Ambitious 3D modeling tool with an aim to democratize 3D modeling


Its been a while since i wrote something about GameDraw , in fact we have turned back to our development team an addressed most of the comments and feedback that we got from the amazing Unity3D community , also we are finalizing our new and major upcoming enhancement to GameDraw which will initiate our vision of “Democratizing 3D Modeling for all”  

But before I jump and talk about the new enhanced version of GameDraw , i would like to tackle an important issue we are facing which is the fact that most developers on the Unity community dont actually know how powerful GameDraw is and what features its Pro Version has for the Unity Game engine Developers.

GameDraw Pro is a 3D modeling tool that is built on top of the Unity Game engine , it has all the needed features to create, edit and customize objects for prototyping or for creating Game Assets and actual levels , GameDraw is different than all other tool in the Unity3D Asset Store , its the first actual 3D modeling tool and all its functionalities  are in one package so you dont need to buy separate sets of GameDraw to complete your work flow , we have promised so many features in GameDraw and they are all coming out soon , we have kept the time of releasing new features as TBD now until you and us are fully satisfied with the current version of GameDraw

Here is a link to our features list available in the Pro and Free versions of GameDraw 

Here is a link to the GameDraw Pro Version 

Here is a link to the GameDraw Free Version

Here  is a link to the Youtube Channel 

Its important to note that GameDraw is among the top 10 Editor Extensions on the Unity Game Engine and is now standing as number 1 in popularity for modeling 

“Now let me tell you more about our new and enhanced release , GameDraw will disrupt and democratize 3D modeling and make it accessible and easy for all even non 3D modelers , the application has been developed to be used by anyone and we really mean anyone”

Some images of projects done using GameDraw for Unity

Introduction to GameDraw for Unity Game Engine


I wanted to give you a brief Introduction on GameDraw for Unity Game Engine , which is a professional but easy to use mesh editing ,modeling, Texturing, Optimization and level creation tool that is part of your sceneview. leaverage an IDE designed to make your process seamless and powerful, enjoy great features like boolean, extrude, smooth, slice and a ton more giving you the ability to do everything from vertex manipulation to sculpting and get access to a huge library of amazing assets that you can use with your games even commercial ones!

This is an Intro Video:

GameDraw for Unity was built with  a continuos support and development derived from the community of developers who we consider the family of GameDraw ,  we decided to put all the below features in GameDraw and not separate them as we believe that everything should be in one package with relatively good price alongside a support that is responsive on 24/7 , check below the features available in GameDraw Pro (If you want to check the comparison between the Pro and Free versions please check here :

  • Edit Models
  • Edit Vertices
  • Edit Triangles
  • Edit Edges
  • Edit Elements
  • Extrude
  • Weld
  • Smooth
  • Subdivide
  • Assign Materials
  • Slice
  • Soft Selection
  • Freeform Translation
  • Vertex Projectiom
  • Split edge
  • Flip Faces
  • Clone
  • Detach
  • Mirror
  • Boolean and CSG
  • Combine Materials and reduce Draw Calls
  • Remove Duplicate Materials
  • Decimate Mesh (reduce Polycount)
  • Combine meshes
  • UVM Mapping
  • Flip UV’s
  • Work on UV and UV2
  • Unwrap UV’s
  • UV Editor
  • UV Editor Integration with scene view
  • UV Editor Checkers
  • UV Editor debug
  • Save UV Map
  • Texture Painting
  • Advanced Sculpting
  • Primataves
  • Inst3D (image to 3D)
  • 2D Geometry Painting scene view
  • Trace 2S to 3D
  • Relative Space Gizmo for Selection
  • Lightmap Uvs
  • Auto Collider modification (if mesh collider)
  • Commercial use for both our free and paid versions
Please check the below tutorial video of GameDraw:
Finally , below are some important links:
- YouTube Channel for Videos and Showcases of GameDraw : Here
- GameDraw Site: Here
- GameDraw Free Version : Here
- GameDraw Pro Version : Here
- Facebook Page : Here

Creating Sci-Fi Level

Our team is so fascinated with Sci-Fi games , they challenged me to make a Sci-Fi level in only 1 day using GameDraw for Unity  .. this is the outcome :)

Level Design using GameDraw for Unity

Hi Guys,

Here is a prototype of a level in one of the games that we wanted to develop in our pipeline 2 years ago , we stopped the project as the company shifted its focus into Technology Development , we thought of recreating one of the levels here using GameDraw for Unity , please check it out here .. we introduce to you one of the levels of our Game “Souls Butchers”

Please check GameDraw YouTube Channel here

You can get GameDraw Free Here and Pro Here

3D modeling using Unity3D and GameDraw

When we started using Unity Game Engine 4 years ago, the general feeling by developers is that Unity will only be good for small casual games or for mobile , what we saw and during the past few years is that Unity had evolved and is currently leading the market, with their introductions in Unity 4 i believe that these people are on the way to dominate the gaming middleware industry for a long time , on the other hand so many companies has emerged in the past few years such as Mixed Dimensions which is focusing its work on developing user friendly , cost effective and super easy tools to support in the process of creating the visual parts in the games including 3D and 2D Assets.

Mixed Dimensions initial version of its 3D/2D Asset Creation, Editing and Customization tool for Unity Game Engine is called GameDraw, the product has been in development for the past 15 months , now GameDraw is giving game developers on Unity an easy way  to create or customize 3D models for different games , below is a seen created by Mixed Dimensions Art Director to show case an Old Town that is part of a level design for a FPS Games

Check GameDraw Free Version Here!!

Stay tuned for the latest announcements from Mixed Dimensions

Easy Gaming Development Tools

Since most of the new Gaming studios are considered to be Garage based or Indie based, and due to the fact that most of us are fascinated by gaming and have that inner wish to develop our own games , the need for simple tools and middleware becomes a vital need since we are all looking to do something that wont consume our resources, developers need tools that can be learned quickly and that can be used to rapid prototype and create simple games for different platforms , i strongly believe that Unity game engine will dominate the gaming development tools for a long time since its has all the features that enable new developers and even professionals to do games , but since Unity is on the engine part other tools are needed for developers, tools that are used to create the visual part of the games, in the videos below a tool that is called GameDraw is used to create the visual parts in sample games , the tool is used on top of Unity engine and eliminates the need to use high end modeling tools or it can be used to compliment existing work flows built on 3rd party modeling applications


Even developers can be 3D modelers using GameDraw for Unity3D

Part of what Mixed Dimensions team is trying to do with GameDraw modeling tool is to give developers the ability to work on modeling without the need to go back to their art teams, sometimes if a problem occurs and the developer is tight in delivery time or even if the developer is working as an indie using 3D assets from the market the need to do quick fixes become a must and this is what gives GameDraw and edge , developers who have minimal modeling experience can work on GameDraw , below is a project done by our CTO Bahaa Abu Nojaim who is a developer using GameDraw


A new and revolutionary way to 3D model inside the Unity Game Engine


As part of our  research and development to deliver a cutting edge 3D modeling platform we recently introduced a new feature to GameDraw which is our 3D extension on top of Unity Game Engine , the new technique we used is called Inset3D which allows you to create a 3D model for 3 pictures , check the video below for more information

You can download GameDraw Free here , and if you are going Pro please click here



3D modeling for Games and Simulation projects using Unity Game Engine

The best thing regarding Unity Game Engine is that it enables the creation of projects on multiple platforms, so may developers would love to be able to create their 3D assets from within the engine itself and this is where GameDraw comes in handy , it can be used for as a complementary tools to complete an already existing tools or it can be used to create models from the scratch , now with the availability of a free version  things has become more easy and fun for young studios or even for those who want to do prototyping , check the below videos of models created using GameDraw as a main modeling tools on top of the Unity Game Engine

Looking forward for you comments and feedback


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