I wanted to give you a brief Introduction on GameDraw for Unity Game Engine , which is a professional but easy to use mesh editing ,modeling, Texturing, Optimization and level creation tool that is part of your sceneview. leaverage an IDE designed to make your process seamless and powerful, enjoy great features like boolean, extrude, smooth, slice and a ton more giving you the ability to do everything from vertex manipulation to sculpting and get access to a huge library of amazing assets that you can use with your games even commercial ones!

This is an Intro Video:

GameDraw for Unity was built with  a continuos support and development derived from the community of developers who we consider the family of GameDraw ,  we decided to put all the below features in GameDraw and not separate them as we believe that everything should be in one package with relatively good price alongside a support that is responsive on 24/7 , check below the features available in GameDraw Pro (If you want to check the comparison between the Pro and Free versions please check here :

  • Edit Models
  • Edit Vertices
  • Edit Triangles
  • Edit Edges
  • Edit Elements
  • Extrude
  • Weld
  • Smooth
  • Subdivide
  • Assign Materials
  • Slice
  • Soft Selection
  • Freeform Translation
  • Vertex Projectiom
  • Split edge
  • Flip Faces
  • Clone
  • Detach
  • Mirror
  • Boolean and CSG
  • Combine Materials and reduce Draw Calls
  • Remove Duplicate Materials
  • Decimate Mesh (reduce Polycount)
  • Combine meshes
  • UVM Mapping
  • Flip UV’s
  • Work on UV and UV2
  • Unwrap UV’s
  • UV Editor
  • UV Editor Integration with scene view
  • UV Editor Checkers
  • UV Editor debug
  • Save UV Map
  • Texture Painting
  • Advanced Sculpting
  • Primataves
  • Inst3D (image to 3D)
  • 2D Geometry Painting scene view
  • Trace 2S to 3D
  • Relative Space Gizmo for Selection
  • Lightmap Uvs
  • Auto Collider modification (if mesh collider)
  • Commercial use for both our free and paid versions
Please check the below tutorial video of GameDraw:
Finally , below are some important links:
- YouTube Channel for Videos and Showcases of GameDraw : Here
- GameDraw Site: Here
- GameDraw Free Version : Here
- GameDraw Pro Version : Here
- Facebook Page : Here